About Us

website design and marketing for lawyers

We work with dynamic and progressive law firms, large & small, to create powerful and effective websites. Our team prides itself in obtaining high ranking results for our client’s using specialized marketing campaigns and employing the most up-to-date search engine-friendly white hat strategies.

The BenchMark Edge

Having a professionally-done website is the perfect opportunity to differentiate yourself from other run-of-the-mill legal teams out there.  At BenchMark, we look at your website as a growing investment, as it will continue to benefit its users (your potential clients) and therefore you. Website design and online marketing, as a practice, is also growing and shifting all the time. The sites we conceptualize and institute are not only professional and beautiful but also responsive. This means that they are programmed to keep up with the ever-changing design ideas, device sizes, and SEO trends.  Our team is comprised of hand-picked industry professionals who know the ins and outs of designing and programming sites and search engine optimization, therefore getting you ranked on important search engines.

What We Can Do For You

It takes an intuitive, knowledgeable team to make all the moving parts work together to achieve the very best results for your online presence.  One of the things that BenchMark prides itself on is the fact that working with us is a unique experience.  Ask any of our clients and they will tell you that. Why? Well, our process is distinctive. We begin your marketing campaign by focusing not on what your company provides, but on who you need to reach. Once we know who your prospective clients are, its then just a matter of developing a tailored strategy to fit your law firm’s goals, or “connecting the dots”.

Call a Nationwide Lawyer Marketing Team With a Record of Success

Whether you need to launch a new website, replace an existing website, start a PPC or an organic online marketing campaign, or want to add professional videos to your current website, BenchMark has the experience and the results to back it up. Our white hat SEO marketing strategies are tried and true.  We know what works. Contact us today to get a free, no-obligation quote.