Web Design for Small Firms

Assisting Firms With Few Legal Professionals

Larger law firms that have been around for decades usually don’t have any problem showing up in the top search results of the most commonly used search engines. They are primarily focused on creating a brand for themselves. However, for the smaller/solo law firms, the marketing goal is to be noticed and noticed well. It is extremely important to exceed the ranking status of competition and appear at the top of Google with an impressive design created and managed by an experienced Search Engine Optimization team. View some of our small law firm websites on our Benchmark portfolio page to see the quality you can expect.

Propelling Your Law Firm

Benchmark Law Firm Marketing has proven results to enhance your online marketing including positioning, content development and to help build affordable, high-impact websites. How do we accomplish this? Well, it starts with a superior design and content that engages and converts. Without these things, your website is a waste of time and money – even if your web design is great. Both go hand in hand, working with each other to create a pleasant experience for the visitor and acceptance from the top search engines that crawl your content. Here are some key points we follow when creating and designing a web design for small firms.

Navigation Through Content is Clear and Understandable

As a visitor to your site, future clients need to be able to find what they are looking for quickly, so the content must be found efficiently and with ease.

Clear and Compelling Reason Why You Are Different From Other Competitors

Your website must stand out and give clients a reason to choose you. Some things that differentiate you from your competition are certificates or awards you have received, recognizing you as a superior law firm.

Emphasize Your Law Firms Experience

Clearly Displaying the years of experience your small/large law firm has will provide a level of trust and reassurance to a potential client. Even if you are a fairly new law firm, your experience and all the other aspects of your professionally built website will reassure your visitors that you are the firm they are looking for.

Accentuating Client Communication is Key

Making website content easily understood can be more important than an attorney’s professionalism, listening skills or win-loss record. Options should be explained in a simple way, stripped off too much lawyer jargon, as to not confuse your potential future clients.

Small Law Firm Specialty

Make sure your law firm’s specialty (family law, personal injury, social security disability benefits or other categories), is displayed visually and represented well throughout the content of your websites homepage and internal pages. Visitors need to see that you are clearly specialized in a particular category for a law.

“I Already Have a Lawyer Website”

Most likely you already have a current website that functions fairly well but you are just not getting the leads that you expect. If this is the case, take a moment and evaluate your current websites situation.

10 Questions Your Firm Should Ask Itself if a Design or Redesign is Needed:

  1. Am I delivering the right message with my content?
  2. Why do web visitors currently navigate to my website?
  3. Are the current website visitors converting?
  4. Do my competitors’ law firm websites have more functionality?
  5. Is is easy to navigate on my website and find information quickly?
  6. Is my website a good representation of my law firm?
  7. Is trust and confidence in my business instilled in my current website?
  8. Are visitors being tracked and analyzed who come to my website ?
  9. Can I easily update my website?
  10.   If I have an existing website is it easy for website visitors to contact me?

Why Benchmark Law Firm Marketing is Right For You.

Our team is here to make your law firm a success by delivering a website design that helps you rise above the competition in whatever specialty you practice. It is time for your law firm to BE SEEN. Your website should act as a powerful resource for you. When it is built and put together well, it becomes a crucial asset for not only for online success but for the professionalism of your law firm. Our team will brainstorm with you, create a modern and professional design and ultimately have you ranking against other top competitors in your desired lawyer market. We have superior SEO techniques that have been proven to deliver over and over again.


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